Applied Artificial Intelligence

The Bachelor of Digital Science in Applied Artificial Intelligence (AAI) .

From autonomous driving and voice assistants to marketing and healthcare, the future of every day-to-day task is geared towards AI. SDS’s major in Applied Artificial Intelligence (AAI) is a ‘make-you-future ready’ program to prepare students to automate every task, orchestrate future technologies and accelerate world development through applied AI. With a hybrid touch from UBD and Coursera, the AAI major offers students the best offline and online learning experience and hands-on training to become an AI professional in just three years. On top, students will acquire certifications and specializations from top global industries (like Google & IBM), which are in high demand in the job market.

Students will develop high-demand AI skills that tech and business leaders seek in machine learning, chatbot development, data analytics, automation, deep learning, and entrepreneurship. The program provides theoretical depth, cross-discipline breadth and practical application experience to prepare students to design, implement, and evaluate AI technologies to solve real-world problems.

If you want to be at the forefront of solving real-world problems, making sense of complex data, and building future intelligent systems, and if you want a fast-paced degree that puts you first in the line for jobs and innovation, then this is the right program for you. Please check the recommended semester-wise plan for the major given below. A student must pass all the Degree Core and Major Core modules and acquire enough Modular Credits (MCs) from Major Option modules to complete 152 MCs to get the degree.

Recommended Applied Artificial Intelligence Semester Plan

*36 MCs required from major options

A student may select the major core of another Digital Science major programme as major option to fulfil the requirements.