Computer Science

The Bachelor of Digital Science with a major in Computer Science is about learning computer systems in-depth. Designing a scalable computer program for an industrial application is a challenge. The course aims to prepare students to face these challenges. The curriculum covers advanced computer courses with foundations of mathematics to equip students for industrial and scientific computing. The program links theory with practice by including a two-semester internship in the industry to allow working on live projects. Students take a research project to work on state-of-the-art technology or application in the final year. The student is required to pass all the modules of Degree Core and Major Core and 36 Modular Credits (MCs) from Major Option modules.

*36 MCs required from major options

A student may select the major core of another Digital Science major programme as major option to fulfil the requirements.

Programme information on the Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science can be found here. This information is provided for existing students who have enrolled into the BSc before August 2020. The Computer Science major is no longer offered under the Bachelor of Science.