Digital Initiative

A new world order of digital transformation is quickly changing the economic landscape. The Internet is changing the way business is conducted. This is the age of artificial intelligence, data innovation and entrepreneurship where innovation is pushed to new limits, granting businesses and entrepreneurs a sharper competitive edge. Developing digital innovations that not only powers businesses and other key components such as education, policies, and finance, to name a few, also leading to disruptive innovations (disruptive business model) and strengthening cyber resilience is an obvious approach to bring about new market and value networks.

Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) as the premier university of Brunei Darussalam has taken the initiative to design majors that are technically-rigorous and cross-disciplinary, where one discipline learns from the perspective of another, or interdisciplinary, where the disciplines are integrated, allowing for more context-specific programmes that better suit industry and prepare students for jobs. We maintain an emphasis within the university to shift from structure to cooperation. Furthermore, mastery of taught knowledge will no longer be the primary tool for judging student performance. Instead, we have designed a curriculum where assessments will evaluate how well students are prepared for future learning. Students will be presented with new content – material they have not been taught in class – and evaluated on how well they learn. In a world where jobs and knowledge change rapidly, assessments should measure students’ will and ability to continue learning. The curriculum is designed to support the interdisciplinary efforts needed to create innovative solutions to major societal problems, such as reducing reliance on non-renewable resources as well as train students to overcome mental challenges of a fast changing digital world.