Traffic Driving Modelling

By Dr. Daphne Lai


  • AIM: Develop predictive models using driving behaviour data collected from simulator on a specific driving scenario
  • Duration: ongoing[2018 – present]
  • Collaborator: Mathematics Dept., UBD
  • Source and Amount of Funding: UBD (BND 18,500) Collaborator’s Name : (1) AP Dr Arosha, UBD (2) Prof Liya, UBD, (3) (4)Mr Mat Darus (Dept. Roads, MODev)
  • Number of Publications – 2 accepted papers, 1 in preparation

Photo 1. Driving simulator at Faculty of Science, UBD

Figure 2: Analysis of driver 2’s acceleration and velocity approaching the red traffic light from 170 metres away.

Figure 4: Training results using KNN classification. Red is safe stopping and blue is unsafe stopping as driver is approaching traffic light.