Alhamdullilah, my four years in UBD Computer Science were among the best years of my life.

Looking back, the bittersweet experience not only helped in my academic career but also as an individual overall. Learning how to code has been a life-changing experience for me, from my first “Hello World!” to my FYP. This course has helped me built a strong foundation and skillset for my career. I was lucky to have supportive lecturers who encouraged and pushed me to reach my true potential. Studying at SNU for my Discovery year and winning BICTA 2019 couldn’t have happened without them. For that, I am forever grateful and truly thankful for their guidance and mentorship.

To the graduates of 2019 and future graduates, congratulations and may you find great success in your future endeavors!


Awg Ahmad Izzat Bin Haji Ishak

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (First Class Honours)