Undergraduate Programmes

The Digital Science in UBD offers one bachelor degree, the Bachelor of Digital Science. Bachelor of Digital Science is a four-year degree programme, offering one intake per year in August. There are four (4) majors offered:

Programme information on the Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science can be found in here. This information is provided for existing students who have enrolled into the BSc before August 2020. The Computer Science major is no longer offered under the Bachelor of Science.

Degree Structure

No.Type of ModuleModular CreditsPercentageCumulative
1Degree Core127.897.89
2Major Core4831.5839.47
3Major Option3623.6863.15
4Compulsory Breadth1610.5373.68
5Discovery Year3221.0594.74
6Remaining Breadth or Option85.26100.00

Graduation Requirements

A student must accumulate a minimum of 152 Modular Credits (MCs) from a combination of degree core, major core, major option and breadth modules as specified in below subsections and in the Programme Structure of the major that the student has chosen to specialize in.

A student must pass with a maximum of 40 Modular Credits (MCs) from Level 1000 modules and a minimum of 24 Modular Credits (MCs) from Level 4000 modules from their major subject.

Degree Core (12 MCs), Major Core (48 MCs) and Major Option (36 MCs) Modules

A student must pass all 12 Modular Credits (MCs) of degree core modules as prescribed in the programme structure of the major that the student has chosen to specialize in.

A student must pass a minimum of 84 Modular Credits (MCs) of modules in the major area of study including all 48 Modular Credits (MCs) of major core and a minimum 36 Modular Credits (MCs) of major option modules to achieve the sufficient modular credits. A student may select the major core of another Digital Science major programme as major option to fulfil the requirements.

The titles of degree core modules along with major core and option modules for each of the four majors can be found on their respective major page. The link to the page of each major can be found under the Programme Structure section below.

Compulsory Breadth Modules (16 MCs)

Students from all majors must take the following modules as compulsory breadth:

  1. LE-1503 Communication Skills I: Academic Reading and Writing Skills
  2. LE-2503 Communication Skills II: Academic Report Writing and Presentation
  3. PB-1501 Melayu Islam Beraja (MIB), OR PB-1502 Introduction to Brunei Darussalam for non-Bruneian students
  4. MS-1501 Islamic Civilisation and The Modern World

Discovery Year Programme (32 MCs)

  • Students will undertake a Discovery Year comprised of spending two periods of time equivalent to two semesters in any two of the activities: study abroad programme (SAP), internship, community outreach programme, or innovation or incubation projects as specified in the GenNEXT Rules and Regulations for GenNEXT Undergraduates Programme.  Students are only allowed to do the activities that support the programme objectives and learning outcomes subject to approval by the Programme Advisors.
  • The schedule of each Discovery Year period may be during a teaching semester, or during the semester break.  A student shall work out the actual activities and schedules with the Programme Advisors subject to the availability of places as well as the plan of the degree programme.
  • For Study Abroad Program (SAP) module, the modular credits count towards the credit requirement, but they will not be counted towards CGPA.
  • Internship, community outreach programme, innovation/ incubation projects and summer/Co-op training are graded as a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis. Students who do not satisfy internship, community outreach programme or innovation/ incubation projects will have to fulfil their modular credit requirements for graduation by reading outside Faculty breadth modules in UBD.

Remaining Breadth or Option Modules (8 MCs)

The remaining module(s) of 8 Modular Credits (MCs) can be taken outside the faculty or optional module within the faculty (in or outside their major programme).

Semester Plan

Semester Plan

Students are advised to follow the semester plan and complete a minimum of 16 to 20 MCs per semester. You will find detailed semester plan for each major in the respective page of the major.

Admission Requirement

Complete admission requirement for Digital Science Programme can be found here.

Admission Application

Interested candidates are required to apply online through the new Online Admissions Application System (OASys)

Headstart Program by Dynamik Technologies

  • Bachelor of Digital Science students can join Headstart Programme by Dynamik Technologies. The students joining the programme will undergo on-the-job training and relevant experience and certification whilst concurrently studying for the degree. Students can earn up to 16 Module Credits for modules under the Headstart Programme. Upon graduation, students will also be given a conditional offer to work with Dynamik Technologies for 4 years upon successful fulfillment of the terms and conditions.

Breadth Modules

Click here for modules offered to non-digital science major students.

Old Intake

For old Computer Science intake please refer to this page for more details.