Digital Science

The Bachelor of Digital Science is a four-year degree programme that will offer one intake per year (August).

The programme aims to produce highly competitive graduates who will not only be the users of technologies but are also equipped with knowledge and skills to innovate and create technologies and systems to solve real-world problems.

The programme will contribute to the human capacity building of the local talents in the most advance fields in the digital world by ensuring local human capacity will not only be confined to the existing limited local market but are also competent to adopt latest and emerging technologies to diversify the market in the country. The graduates from the programme will be ready to work with and compete with professionals and experts internationally including working abroad, lead digital projects and conducting state-of-the-art research contributing to a sustainable future. Nurturing local experts will reduce the dependent on foreign experts especially in outsourcing local projects to the foreign experts – hence less job opportunity for the locals. The programme is designed with reference to the ACM/IEEE Computer Science Curricula to ensure its relevance and to attract more foreign students and researchers.

Four majors are proposed to provide a curriculum that covers the key digital technologies in the IR 4.0.

1. Computer Science (CS)

2. Data Science (DS)

3. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (AI & Robotics) (AI & R)

4. Cybersecurity and Forensics (CSF)

The program structure has been designed to ensure in-depth coverage of the core topics while providing exposure to the essential multidisciplinary view of the fields. The multidisciplinary content comprising of interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary modules are integrated within the major modules.