ZD-2401 Data Analysis and Visualization

Instructor: Dr Nagender Aneja
  1. Mathematics/Statistics and English language in IGCSE/High School
  2. Knowledge of basic MS Excel Formulas
  3. Interest to learn Excel Advance Features, Tableau and R Programming

Fee: $500

Learning objectives
  • examine business or research topics using data
  • use descriptive statistics and data visualization on a dataset
  • demonstrate a deep grasp of the dataset by presenting a dashboard
    and a story to explain what the data means
Who should enroll in this course?
  • open to professionals from any background who do not have any
    prior programming knowledge
  • graduates who desire to improve their employability by preparing
    for the job market
  • researchers and students who want to see their data in a visual
What kind of abilities will you gain?
  • understand fundamental statistical concepts as well as its applications
  • learn how to use visualization skills to your advantage
  • learn how to use Tableau and create interactive dashboards
  • apply the knowledge to the real datasets and create a dashboard
    to present a story

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ZD-2401 Data Analysis and Visualization – Flyer

Course Contents
  • Data pre-processing: data cleaning, handling missing data, graphical methods for identifying outliers, measures of centre and spread
  • Exploratory data analysis: exploring categorical and numeric variables, exploring multivariate relationships
  • R Programming: basic commands, graphics, indexing data, loading
    data, graphical and numerical summaries
  • Statistical learning: regression versus classification problems, biasvariance trade-off; simple linear regression, multiple linear regression, logistic regression, leave-one-out cross-validation, k-fold
  • Tableau: connecting to data, filtering and sorting, aggregation, calculated fields, symbol map, trend lines, forecasting, dashboard,
  • Case study using Tableau: apply knowledge to real datasets and
    create a dashboard to present a story
Tools that will be covered

Microsoft Excel, R Programming, and Tableau

Projects that are part of the course

In the class, you will be working on projects that will use data from
Kaggle and Tableau.

Class Duration

Class time will be 4 hours per week, and students will be expected to
study 6 hours per week in addition to their in-class time.

Assessment: Coursework: 100 %
  • Two lab tests (30 %)
  • Two class tests (30 %)
  • Two class quizzes (20 %)
  • One project (20 %)

Contact: Dr Nagender Aneja