Augmented Reality

Student name: Mohd Nuraidil Fathi Bin A. Hashim
Supervisor: Dr. Owais Ahmed Malik
Co-Supervisor: Dr. Ong Wee Hong


Modern technology has no doubt played a big part in people’s everyday lives. It has helped people in so many aspects of their everyday life that they think nothing about it anymore even though it is actually an astounding feat what technology has done for them. People use technology when commuting to work, communicating with their peers and friends, even when purchasing goods there is an easy way to purchase from online retail stores instead of physically going to the store itself. We want to pursue this seamless integration of technology even further with Augmented Reality Based Technology. Augmented Reality is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. When going to botanical gardens or parks, there are sometimes signboards showing some information on the plants but there are sometimes not enough information on these signboards and visitors to these area would sometimes want to learn more about certain plants or flowers. The idea is that, markers would be placed on these signboards and the visitors of botanical gardens and parks can scan them and it will show an interactive menu that shows the user more information on the plants such as the history, ecology, origins, uses and other relevant information that people would find relevant or interesting.

Presentation Video

Demo Video