In the past 4 years, UBD opened so many doors for that I never thought was possible. I have developed so much, not just academically, but also as an individual.

The Computer Science program at UBD enabled me to gain sufficient fundamental broad-based knowledge in the first 2 years, and it helped me gain a good ground on the path I want to specialise in. I was fortunate to have lecturers who always encouraged my curiousity and they were the best guides on this 4-year journey of mine. I was also blessed with numerous opportunities – going to NTU for my Discovery Year, being selected for summer programs around Asia to represent UBD, and many more. These ‘little’ experiences helped me realise the bigger picture – my responsibility as youth in Brunei.

I will always be grateful to UBD for the knowledge and all the lessons I learnt within and beyond the lecture halls. May UBD and all graduates of 2018 continue to walk towards success and stay on blessed paths. Aamiin.


Dyg Siti Nurzahrah Binti Emran

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (First Class Honours)