Machine Learning & Data Analytics

Research Projects

Applying Evolutionary Computation in Human Activity Analysis

Automated Realtime Plant Species Recognition

Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) and Colon Cancer Risks Reduction

Data Management of 25 HA Permanent Forest Dynamics Plot at Kuala Belalong

Deep Transfer Learning

Evolutionary Algorithms for Clustering Data

Exploring Metaheuristics in a ssFCM Clustering Framework

Health Informatics Projects – (CVD, Hypertension, Cancer, Balance)

Integrated TOC Prediction and Source Rock Characterization

Machine Learning Based Cyclic Voltammetry Behavior Model

Patent Analytics

Pattern Recognition Techniques on National Health and Nutritional Status Survey (NHANSS) Data

Self-supervised Human Activity Recognition

Self-supervised Object Discovery

Thermal Maturity and TOC Prediction

Traffic Driving Modelling